Countdown: 10 Best Beyonce Hairstyles

Happy Birthday Queen B!

In lieu of Beyonce's birthday this week let's take a look at 10 of her best hairstyles. 


1. Blunt cut, mid-length dream

If Beyonce were president.


2. Super-long super-babe glam waves

Ash brown tones with highlights and brushed out 80 waves are all you need to make a statement.


3. Crimped superhero extravaganza

These curls will forever be a part of how we remember her.


4. Sleek not-too-long-not-too-short A line bob

Remember when she made us all want to get the chop?

Assymetrical bob

Assymetrical bob


5. Cute Bardot bangs

You definitely forgot about this Beyonce didn't you?


6. Blow out envy! Half up half down

Blow outs are some of the best things this world has ever given us, pair that with contemporary Beyonce and you have out-of-this-world locks.


7. Retro curly bob featuring money piece



8. Bohemian princess mane

Beyonce showed us how to do beachy waves with unkempt style


9. Dark, ultra straight hair

Fly to your nearest stylist for a silk press or Brazilian keratin treatment for this look


10. The frizz everyone is after

This is post-Lemonade classic 2018 Beyonce. 


And that's it! For help with any of these looks, get in touch.