Visual Story: Painfully Beautiful


Based on the ballet 'Giselle' played in London 2017. The Willis are a group of ghostly maidens who died of a broken heart, betrayed by their lovers. They haunt the forest filled with their graves and force young men who enter to dance until exhaustion kills them. 


PainfullY Beautiful_0084 smaller.jpg


Gold tears & smudged berry red lips with soft tousled, romantic hair

Vapid, emptiness in the eyes

Traditional wedding material full of textures and details, with youthful lines and cuts

Painting-esque 'trapped in time' shots. High contrast with colours rich in depth

PainfullY Beautiful_0468 option.jpg

PainfullY Beautiful_0073.jpg
PainfullY Beautiful_0342 option.jpg
PainfullY Beautiful_0373 option.jpg
PainfullY Beautiful_0085 option.jpg
PainfullY Beautiful_0163 option.jpg
PainfullY Beautiful_0125 option.jpg
PainfullY Beautiful_0409 option.jpg
PainfullY Beautiful_0293.jpg
PainfullY Beautiful_0268 option.jpg

Hair & Art Direction : Rohmarra Kerr

Photographer : Krish Nagari

Wardrobe Stylist: David Johnson

Makeup Artist: Cece Kwofie

Models : Elvira Vedelago & Katja Cemic

PainfullY Beautiful_0400 option.jpg