What will be your Summer hair legacy?


Best Summer 2017 Hair Trends

The British summer this year has had us on a see-saw of warms and cools, with the last few weeks giving us some serious winter blues and nostalgia. Despite the awful humid-but-not-really-warm-but-not-quite-cold-either weather the hair trends this summer have been off the charts! From celebrities to stylists we have had a summer of experimentation and fun so far. 

Bursting with colours

Alicia Keys giving us colour envy

Alicia Keys giving us colour envy

We didn't know it but this summer walked away from the silver/grey tones of winter and dipped us right into the brilliance of rainbow infused tresses reminiscent of the 90s raving scene. The colourful trends have been blowing up all over instagram with the latest being Alicia Keys' full-of-life, bright, neon box braids. Afro Caribbean girls are no strangers to bright hues in their braids with the likes of cuban singer Lucrecia and our favourite gag queen Keke Palmer. 

These neon braids donned by Keys has a carefree black girl vibe we just can't get over.

These neon braids donned by Keys has a carefree black girl vibe we just can't get over.

Starburst hair colour

The look seems to be an afro-infusion into the recent starburst hair colour trend set by colourist Kayla Boyer who took on the challenge to create hair that looks almost as delicious as the sweets themselves! 


Beaded Braids

Royalty has never been so fashionable!

Royalty has never been so fashionable!

This time taking inspiration from African tribal hairstyles, we welcome the beaded braids trend of Summer 2017. The cultural rooted vibe was sparked by Solange's 'A seat at the table' braids that saw everyone head to their local hairdresser pulling out pictures of a 00s Alicia Keys and contemporary Solange rocking cowrie shells and beads fit for a Queen. We've seen Youtube natural hair guru's and social media influencers embrace this trend creating an array of gorgeous styles.

alicia keys 00s
alicia keys iconic braids

This trend has given an all time sense of unity amongst Afro Caribbean women to experiment and revel in the inclusivity of having a hair trend that is not cloaked by Eurocentric beauty standards.




Platinum Buzz 

zoe kravitz

Perhaps the most daring trend of 2017 is the boyish platinum blonde buzz cut that has swept through the edgiest of our A-list celebrities. From the likes of Cara Delevingne, Kirsten Stewart, Amandla Stenberg etc, we've seen them gradually take a step towards platinum hair and then go for a big chop with Cara Delevingne going all the way down to a beautiful bald shave. The androgynous undertones of this cut means there isn't a hair trend more fitting for our socially aware millennials to rock and be wild with. Be bold, be unconventional and get yourself a brand new look. 

cara delevingne
amandla stenberg


Summer 2017 has been a season of outspoken hair, throwing the wildest colours, accessories and cuts into the mix of inclusivity and pride. Which hair trend is your favourite and which will you dare to try next?